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Interview suite

This is our free interview suite. Here you can respond to interview questions and record yourself. You can then replay your answers and review your performances. There is always an incredible amount of useful stuff we learn from such a review. Many people never actually review their answers and thus miss out on job offers. But you can be different. You can be better. Our interview suite offers five questions, which we selected after consultation with employers. Our questions are on the one hand amongst those most commonly asked in interviews, and on the other hand they are the tougher ones asked. By developing good answers to these questions, you will breeze through the easier ones.

We have designed this interview suite after reviewing the pedagogical, psychological, and the employment intervention literature, because we wanted to design something that works. Our free interview suite will be massively more beneficial than reading a book on interview questions or advice on the internet. After you have recorded yourself, you can read our evidence-based advice and sample answers for each question. You can read our website terms and conditions and privacy policy here. Please note that the recordings you make here will not be saved anywhere. So if you close your browser, they will disappear.

Which question do you want to answer?