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Getting a job is tough

Many search for months before they find a job, sending out dozens of CVs, and going to several interviews. Getting a job can be nerve-wracking, and the time we are looking for one can gnaw at our self-esteem.

Automation is here

Automation is removing a lot of jobs and tasks. Fewer people can now do what several used to do. This means that sometimes there are fewer jobs to go around for applicants.

Life is getting tougher

Income inequality is increasing in developed economies. Our parents' generation could afford to buy properties more easily than we can do now.

Let us help you

A large part of ensuring our financial freedom is coming across well in interviews, and so securing the career we want. We have created a free and a premium interview suite to help you with that. Interviewing is a skill and can be learned.

Change is upon us

Many employers now use robo-interviews as well as traditional interviews. Robo-interviews are those where you read a question on the screen and then send a recording to the employer. Our interview suite will help you with both types of interviews.

Let experts help you

We have assembled a team with impressive credentials who will give you feedback in the premium suite. You will not get feedback from teachers or recruiters. You will get feedback from the people who did the hiring for business - those who best know what employers want in the real world.

Evidence-based advice

We had a team of psychologists, sociologists, and market researchers interview employers and review the academic literature. So our advice is not based on gut feel; it is based on evidence that works.

Effective intervention

We reviewed literature on what helps people get better at tasks and specifically interviews, and then we designed our suite. The best way to improve is to practice interviews, not to read about interviews. We help you to improve and get more confident.